Cobalt's Marsh

Map Jam: Dead Living Zombies

Map Name: MJ6-Cobalt's Marsh

Tool: Far Cry 5 editor

This map was developed for the the Dead Living Zombies map jam hosted by Ubisoft. The map takes place in the Cobalt's Marshlands. Cobalt's Marsh features an abandoned mine shaft, Cobalt's Town, and a fertilizer plant. The town is a small close group of people trying to get by, with little land that is available to build the town's people live close together.

A zombie outbreak has caused widespread global panic. The citizens decided to block the highway 224 west tunnel to prevent zombies from flooding their small town, however, zombies managed to break through while barricading the east tunnel. The defenses they set blockading the road were quickly overrunned.

The player will venture into town to fight off the zombies that have been living in the town. Weapons caches and ammo can be found around town. The player will escape through the mine shaft.

Note: There is a bug with the editor, where it will not render shadows on non-static objects. It will sometimes not render special effects, like fire and muzzle flashes.