Coastal Run

Map Jam: Hours of Darkness Map Jam

Map Name: MJ5 - Coastal Run

Tool: Far Cry 5 Map Editor

This map was created for the Hours of Darkness Map Jam. The rules for this map jam was to take place during the Vietnam War, and had to be an outpost map.

For the map, I decided to give the player several options for attacking the outpost with the loadouts. The player will have access to a truck with a roof mounted gun, and a helicopter. If the player follows the trail leaving the village they will come across a rock with sniper rifles and ammo, or they can follow the main the road. Of course the player can attack the village in any direction they want.

The map takes place along a quite shoreline. They player is set on a mission to liberate what remains of a fishing village. The fishing village was brutally sacked by hostile forces. However, if the alarms are raised, hostile reinforcements will arrive.