Balls to the Wall - Level Design Intern


April 2017 - December 2017

Engine: Unity

This project was developed for 704Games with a team of 20 students to create a racing game in Unity for mobile phones. We did this during the summer and fall semesters at Central Piedmont Community College. I was a level designer for the group. I worked on designing tracks, obstacles, and laying out the environment. I had to work closely with game designers, artist, modelers, and programmers to make it come together.

I worked on the The Forge for Balls to the Wall. I created initial block outs and refined the blockouts to create unique and varied tracks. After creating the block outs, I populated the levels with assets and refined the tracks to use the assets as both obstacles and walls to keep the player in. I worked with the rest of the team to design obstacles and other hazards for the player to avoid. I spent most of my time refining the tracks and taking feedback from the rest of the team on how to improve them.

I really appreciated the opportunity to be on a large team to develop a game for 704Games. I really enjoyed my time working on this and found it to be an excellent learning opportunity.

This video shows off both The Forge and Bubble city. The Forge was designed to have easier tracks and be used as a tutorial for Balls to the Walls. Bubble City was designed to have more difficult tracks.

Bubble City pictured here. I mainly helped with refining the tracks for it and building out small parts of the environment.

The Forge pictured here. I had put the most time towards with creating blockouts, track design, and environment layout.