A Dragon's Tale

A Dragon's Tale - Level Designer

Spillage Games

May 2019 - June 2019

Engine: Unity

Status: Released

Website: A Dragon's Tale

Steam Store: A Dragon's Tale

I worked on a virtual reality game called A Dragon’s Tale. A small VR project where the player is a dragon and can play a series of mini games on a remote island.

I worked on drafting the level design on paper, and populating it in Unity. The island itself was created in World machine by some talented people. The island came out bigger than expected, but after some tweaks to the initial design, I was able to make it work.

The island itself is a tropical island with a volcano on the northern end. The island has several distinct regions, including a lava zone, beaches, plains, and a jungle. Two sets of ruins dot the map, the east ruins and the jungle ruins. The east ruins was a small spread out area used for meditation and relaxation. The jungle ruins is the ruins for gathering and teachings.

The pictures below are from the development phase when I was working on the game.